12 People, Mostly Children, Injured in Knife Attack at Russian School

Eleven children and a teacher were wounded in Russia when a knife fight broke out at a school in Perm, a city 1,000km (620 miles) east of Moscow.

The victims were slashed when they tried to tackle two teenage boys who burst into a classroom wielding knives.

Two suspects, both 16, were detained by police and the incident is being treated as attempted murder.

Surgeons operated on 47-year-old teacher Natalya Shagunina and on four of the children, RIA Novosti news said.

The teacher remains critically ill, the others’ injuries are less severe.

Most of the injured children are aged 10-12 and have knife cuts to the head and neck.

The school was evacuated and will remain shut on Tuesday as police pursue a criminal investigation there.

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