WATCH: Case Keenum Shoots the Brees, Shocks the World, and Gives God the Glory: Says, ‘This is the Third-Greatest Moment of My Life; The First Was When I Gave My Life to Christ, the Second Was When I Got Married, and Now This’

The Vikings’ season was over. With Minnesota stranded on their own 39-yard line with a 24-23 deficit, 10 seconds left, and no timeouts, everyone had written off the Vikings’ chance to be the first team to ever play a Super Bowl at home.

Then this happened.

Case Keenum desperately needed to put the team in field goal position with a pass to the sidelines. He hit Stefon Diggs at the 35-yard line as Saints safety Marcus Williams whiffed trying to take out his legs.

Diggs nearly fell down, but then put a hand out to stop himself and galloped the final 30 yards for the buzzer-beating touchdown and the 29-24 victory.

Everyone lost their damn minds.

Keenum said in his postgame interview with Fox’s Chris Myers that he was just trying to get a chunk of yardage, but was at a loss for words describing the final play of the game.

“With the last play, I don’t even know what just happened, man,” Keenum said. “It’s crazy. I don’t even know right now. I have no words.”

The only words that matter right now are these: The Vikings are two games away from Bringing It Home.

SOURCE: Danny Heifetz 
The Ringer