Samsung Reveals Massive 146-Inch MicroLED Wall TV

For a TV, 65- and 85-inch sets are considered very big. Here at CES, though, Samsung unveiled a massive display: the 4K, 146-inch MicroLED Wall.

Yes, it’s actually called The Wall by Samsung, and it’s by far the largest TV to be announced for consumer release.

The cost of manufacturing LCD and OLED panels, the two primary TV technologies, becomes much higher the larger you scale each panel past a certain point. That’s why a jump from 42 to 55 to 65 inches for TVs can be a few hundred dollars for each step, but moving from 65 inches to 75 inches tacks several thousand dollars onto the price. An 85-inch TV can cost as much as a car, and you won’t likely see any LCD or OLED larger than that. The manufacturing process for a panel that size is simply unfeasible for a consumer product.

Instead of LCD or OLED, The Wall uses MicroLED. Colored light-emitting diodes—which are effectively very tiny, self-contained light bulbs—combine to form each pixel on the MicroLED array. Each pixel emits light on its own, making the MicroLED array function closer to an OLED panel or a plasma TV than a conventional LCD TV that requires a backlight to illuminate the image formed by the liquid crystal layer.

You’ve probably seen this technology before, in less micro a format. Very large video billboards and displays are often constructed out of similar LED arrays. They form a big, moving picture you can recognize from across the street, but when you get up close you can see each cluster of LED “bulbs” brightening and dimming to form the picture.

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SOURCE: PC Mag, Will Greenwald