Over 100 Christians March to Protest Red ‘Lucifer’ Statue in Greece

Over 100 Christian residents led by their priest in Athens marched to the site of a controversial sculpture, which many think depicts Lucifer, and demanded its removal.

The protesters held Greek flags, icons and sang hymns where the sculpture Phylax stands, according to Greek Reporter.

The sculpture, an image of a red naked man with wings, made by artist Kostis Georgiou, was installed near the Palaio Faliro marina in Trokadero, south of Athens, last month, according to Neos Kosmos.

The priest sprinkled “holy water” on the statue to “exorcise its demons.”

The statue has suffered two vandalism attacks since its installation on Dec. 5. What may have caused concerns among the Christians is that the Palaio Faliro Municipality named the statue “guardian-angel” of the South Athens suburb.

Mayor Dionysis Hatzidakis, however, claimed the Phylax does not refer to the guardian angel as depicted in Christian faith.

Local parish priest Patapios Argyros says that’s not true.

“The sculpture is a demon and a soldier of Satan that, instead of being honored, must be despised as blasphemous to the holy trinity,” he wrote in an open letter to the mayor. “It is an affront to Orthodoxy and the Christian faith,” he continued.

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Source: Christian Post