AME Bishop, Reginald T. Jackson, Says Solutions to Black America’s Problems Will Come from Seeking God’s ‘Kingdom,’ Not Simply ‘Justice’

Rev. Reginald T. Jackson
Rev. Reginald T. Jackso

A guest pastor at a Savannah, GA, church on Monday urged “people of color” not to be fooled by seeking justice as the answer to today’s problems, but to seek God’s own words to allay their fears.

“Things are not always as they seem,” the Rev. Reginald T. Jackson told the 155th Emancipation Proclamation Celebration audience at the Great Emmanuel Tabernacle on Stiles Avenue.

“Is justice the answer?” asked Jackson, who is bishop for the Sixth Episcopal African Methodist Episcopal Church. “I advocated for justice but for me justice is not the answer.”

Justice can be “perverted … obstructed … corrupted (and) … denied,” he explained. “Give me the Kingdom.”

“Today is the first day of another battle… 2018 going to be tough. … Don’t be scared and don’t be afraid. This is not the first time we’ve been through this.”

Jackson’s remarks highlighted Savannah’s celebration of President Abraham Lincoln edit from Jan. 1, 1863, that was to free all slaves held in the Confederate state’s then in rebellion against the Union.

But the annual event is also a chance for the community to celebrate local leaders for their efforts to make Savannah a better place.

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SOURCE: Jan Skutch
Savannah Now / Savannah Morning News