Jodie Foster Slams Superhero Movies

Superheroes may have met their greatest adversary — Jodie Foster.

The 55-year-old has claimed Comic book movies are ruining cinema.

In an interview with Radio Times Magazine, the actor and director slammed the likes of Marvel and DC production as the cinematic equivalent of fracking.

‘Going to the movies has become like a theme park,’ she said.

‘Studios making bad content in order to appeal to the masses and shareholders is like fracking  — you get the best return right now but you wreck the earth.’

She continued: ‘It’s ruining the viewing habits of the American population and then ultimately the rest of the world.

The two-time Oscar winner, who directed the likes of Nell, The Beaver, The Brave One and Money Monster, insisted she didn’t want to make ‘$200m movies about superheroes.’

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Source: Daily Mail