Perry Noble Rebukes Pastor Who Claims Depressed People Aren’t Focused on Jesus

Pastor Perry Noble, formerly of NewSpring Church in South Carolina and now of Second Chance Church, has hit back against the claims of a pastor who said that depressed people haven’t made Jesus the center of their lives.

Noble wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday that a “pastor at a fairly large church,” who he didn’t name, made the suggestion earlier this month.

“For far too long the Christian community have (sic) treated people with depression as the ancient world would have treated lepers,” Noble said.

He then listed a number of reasons why he disagrees with the argument that depressed people have something wrong with them; that they need to pray more; or read the Bible more; or go to church more often.

“While it is true depression can be brought about by overwhelming circumstances, it has also been scientifically proven that depression can be brought about by a chemical imbalance in the brain,” Noble said.

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Source: Christian Post