Husband of Woman Killed by Dogs Says He Holds Owner Accountable

The husband of a woman killed by two dogs on Christmas Eve said he wants the owner to be held accountable for his wife’s horrifying death. 

Johnny Saylor found his wife Lorraine Brock Saylor in front of their home in Bell County, Ky., Sunday morning after she was attacked by two dogs. Saylor told WATE-TV that his wife of 38 years was outside feeding their cats, when he noticed she was gone for longer than usual. He stepped onto their front porch, where the dogs attacked him.

Saylor ran into the house and grabbed a .22-caliber pistol and went back outside, where he shot one of the dogs in the chest as it jumped at him. The other dog ran from the scene.

He told the station he checked his wife’s pulse.

“She was weak and about 105 pounds,” Saylor told WATE-TV. “I said, ‘Oh God! Oh no! Please no!’ I checked her pulse just in case.”

Sheriff’s deputies in Bell County, Ky., said Lorraine Brock Saylor suffered severe injuries and was dead at the scene.

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Source: USA Today