WATCH: “Cussing Preacher” Goes Viral With Video Criticizing ‘Ignorant Ass, Non-functioning Pastors’ (WARNING: Vulgar Language)

A pastor has gone viral for a Facebook Live video in which he’s criticized for using profanity. Instead of turning the other cheek, Thaddeus A. Matthews blocked the commenter and went on a rant attacking other “non-functioning ass pastors.”

You can tell the rant is going to be entertaining because it starts with Pastor Matthews reading the critical comment, then saying, “Well, bitch, let me tell you something.”

The relevant portion begins around the 37:15 mark in the Facebook video below:

You must be a b***h,” Matthews continued aggressively. “Yes, I cuss.

Matthews went on to attack other pastors, whom he says aren’t doing enough to help their flock. He said people worried about his cussing should focus their criticism on pastors who do nothing. (No argument from me there.)

… I’m the cussing pastor, while your motherf****n’ pastor ain’t doing a god damn thing. I’m the cussing pastor that used my platform to raise $6,000 for this mother who was going through a plight, while these other ignorant ass, non-functioning ass pastors wasn’t doing a motherf****n’ thing in this city.

Matthews also said that if it bothers people that he swears, they should get off his page. He then banned the commenter and ended with a proclamation that Jesus probably did the same thing.

… See, y’all be worried about the wrong things. Yes, I curse! Hell, Jesus probably cursed!

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