Pastor, Here Are 6 Ways to Lead Your Church Well in 2018

Everyone wants to be a great leader. Nowhere is that call more important than in the local church, where often the pastor is looked at to lead their church in inspiring and expectation-defying ways. Meanwhile, books on leadership tend to give broad advice that can be relatively difficult to apply in the local church setting.

We’re here to help.

Below is the best advice from CT Pastors on leading your church well. Whether you’re trying to raise up new leaders, lead into your strengths, or cast vision for the new year, we’ve got you covered.

Diagnose your team

How do we develop and sustain a group that doesn’t simply tout the buzzword of teamwork, but is actually the real deal—a healthy, high-performing team? Learn how to use Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team to develop a team that is aligned with their gifts, makes good decisions, gets great results, and loves working together.

Raise up leaders in-house

Many successful ministers wait until later in their career to pursue postgraduate education, if at all. In the meantime, they are deeply shaped by their involvement in the local church.

Lead from your strengths

Don’t ignore your weaknesses. Find ways to apply your strengths as a solution.

Pray for your church

Too often, prayer is an afterthought when it comes to conversation, articles, and books about church leadership. How can those in ministry prioritize prayer for their congregations when so many other things demand their attention? How can they carve out time from the pressing responsibilities of running a church, and what should that time in prayer look like? We asked 10 pastors how they pray for their churches.

Set clear goals

Setting clear and concrete goals is an essential part of ministry leadership. They don’t have to be related to attendance or revenue, but they should be measurable in some way and should be clearly connected to the vision or mission of the church or ministry. A goal is a catalyst for achieving your mission—it’s not the mission itself.

Share the Pulpit

Discover the value of teaching others to teach others.

Committed to training new leaders?

This tool will help you identify potential leaders by creating a climate where people want to serve, and teach you how to train these new leaders to be effective through mentoring relationships.