Texas School Flooded With Donated Blankets After 7-Year-Old Girl’s Letter to Santa

When teacher Ruth Espiricueta asked her first-grade class to write letters to Santa Claus, she wasn’t expecting what would happen next.

One girl, Crystal Pachecho, 7, asked Santa only for food, a blanket and a ball for her brothers to play with.

Now their elementary school in rural Texas is being flooded with donated blankets from around the world.

“It all started with a discussion about our needs and wants,” Espiricueta told CNN. “We talked about needs and what we wanted to survive.”

Espiricueta teaches at Monte Cristo Elementary in Edinburg, Texas, some 30 miles north of the Mexico border.

“After the kids were gone for the day, I sat down to read the letters,” she said. And that’s when she noticed Crystal’s request.

“It just really broke my heart,” said Espiricueta, who was surprised that Crystal and her family had such needs. “She’s always so happy.”

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SOURCE: CNN, Bethany Hines