‘It Is Finished’: Alabama Secretary of State says It’s Now ‘Numerically Impossible’ for Roy Moore to Win a Recount


It is now numerically impossible for Roy Moore to win a recount of votes in the U.S. Senate election he lost to Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Alabama’s secretary of state announced Wednesday that his office had received 4,967 provisional ballots and that “no additional ballots are eligible to be received.” As the Washington Examiner reported, that figure is “well below the number needed to trigger a recount, let alone overcome the 20,715-vote lead of [Jones].” A recount could be triggered if the loser comes within 0.5 percent of the victor’s tally, but Jones now leads the accused pedophile Moore by 1.5 percentage points. And so despite the Moore campaign’s resistance to concede to Jones in the name of waiting on a recount, “it is finished,” the Examiner declared.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast