Florida GOP Senator Resigns After Judge’s Investigation Reveals he Groped Aide, Tried to Trade Sex for Votes


Florida State Sen. Jack Latvala, a Republican, quit on Wednesday after an independent report released late Tuesday said that sexually harassed women and attempted to trade votes for sex; and that the state’s Senate Rules Committee should open an investigation into whether he should be removed from office. According to retired Judge Ronald Swanson’s findings, Latvala groped a high-ranking Senate aide after throwing a tantrum about donuts. Additionally, Swanson revealed, based on conversations with other accusers, that Latvala, who is married, had texted a lobbyist offering his support for legislative items she’d desired in exchange for allowing him to engage in sexual acts with her. Another accuser said Latvala groped her under her dress every time she’d visit his office. Swanson ultimately concluded that the Senate open a criminal probe of Latvala’s behavior and decide whether he should be sanctioned or forced out of office. Florida Gov. Rick Scott called upon Latvala to resign immediately over the “disturbing” report; the lawmaker obliged hours later.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast