Fox News Guest-Host Floats Theory That FBI Plotted to Kill Trump


A Fox News guest-host on Tuesday suggested the FBI plotted to assassinate President Donald Trump before he took office. While discussing the text messages of two bureau agents formerly working on the FBI’s probe of Russian election interference, right-wing radio host and Outnumbered guest-host Kevin Jackson said he hopes the Senate Judiciary Committee presses deputy FBI chief Andrew McCabe on whether certain texts point to a specific intent, “whether it was an assassination attempt or whatever.” A stunned host Harris Faulkner replied, “Whoa, whoa,” but Jackson pressed on: “I’m just saying, we don’t know what it was. When [the texts] say, ‘We’ve got to make sure that this guy doesn’t get in at all cost,’ what does that mean? So I’m saying there’s a spectrum of what does it mean.” Seeking to distance her show from a conspiracy theory, Faulkner attempted to clarify: “I just want to make sure that we press in on the fact that no one has floated any sort of an idea.” But Jackson replied: “Oh, it’s been floated. When I talk about this, I’m talking about social media stuff and, you know, that’s out there, I’m not talking about media sources.” After co-host Sandra Smith butted in to say, “So nothing credible,” Jackson paused, shrugged his shoulders, and said, “Well, I mean, yeah.” Fox News is no stranger to giving airtime to unfounded or debunked right-wing conspiracy theories.


SOURCE: The Daily Beast