Texas Bishop Darick Favors, Known for ‘Miraculous’ Laying On of Hands, Found Dead in Motel With Drugs

Darick Favors, a Dallas, TX, pastor was found dead in a motel on Wednesday. The Dallas Police Department said the 42-year-old bishop of Full Gospel Tabernacle was found deceased from “unexplained causes.” The Christian Post reported that a staff member revealed there were “drugs” in his room.

A statement from Dallas Police said Favors was found at about 12:05 p.m. on Wednesday.

“The complainant, Darick Favors B/M, was found deceased inside his room. This incident is being investigated as an Unexplained Death,” the statement said. “There were no obvious signs of homicidal violence.”

Favors was scheduled to check out of the hotel on Wednesday at 11 AM, but he was found dead instead.

A hotel worker reportedly told the Christian Post that “drugs” were involved in Darick Favors’ death. “We do not know how many types of drugs were there,” the staff member said.

According to the Full Gospel Tabernacle website, “Through the laying on of hands, Pastor Favors has seen God’s people awaken from comas, healed of cancer, fully delivered, filled with the Holy Ghost, encouraged, motivated, demons cast out, set free from prison walls, and much more. The glory stays with God for opening numerous doors on TV and various radio appearances and now our own radio broadcast every Saturday.

“Bishop Favors is a young man that displays a humble attitude and character. Many continue to be blessed through the ministry placed in him. Truly, we can say this is a man of God after God’s own heart.”