Ron Carpenter Moving Ministry Headquarters to New Church in California; John Gray Will Have Option to Rename Greenville’s Redemption Church

Ron Carpenter Jr., pastor of the 21,000 member multi-campus Redemption Church headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, announced Sunday that he will be consolidating his church operations by stepping down as pastor of the Greenville campus where he has been for more than 25 years.

He is expected to move to San Jose, California, in 2018 where he will take over the 14,000-member Jubilee Christian Center and rebrand it as part of the Redemption Church group, he explained.

Redemption Church currently has several campuses as well an online campus known as i.Church with Ron Carpenter. The longtime Greenville preacher said he will be shutting down three of the current campuses to allow him to do ministry better. Satellite Redemption campuses in Florence and Asheville will be closing in the near future as well as a satellite campus in Charlotte, Greenville Online said.

“So we have accepted this new church in northern California. We will be rebranding it and basically moving our headquarters to northern California. This is actually going to allow us more time with you as we are going to shut down three of our other campuses and a whole lot of the other things we do cause I wanna do two things,” Carpenter said.

“I want to work on my ministry of fellowship and I want to pastor. This will have us now where we’re down to three churches that we have total. And I want to pour more, develop more. I was too spread out and I want to spend this last run…and I want to be wiser and smarter in the way I do it.”

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SOURCE: Leonardo Blair
Christian Post