Sad: Woman Who Influences Women in Beauty Online Told to Kill Herself After No-Makeup Selfie

A 19-year-old student has hit back after being brutally mocked online for “looking too different” without make-up.

Victoria Katei, a beauty junkie from Dallas, Texas, was accused of being dishonest with her looks after sharing two selfies on Instagram – one showing her au natural, and the other with a glamorous made-up look.

She captioned the images: “Me being cute vs. me being cute. Recently it seems like so many people have something to say about the way I look with or without make-up or about the fact that I don’t post pictures without make-up.

“Accounts have been posting pictures of me with make-up versus no make-up telling me I’m a catfish and that I’m hideous. People in the comments telling me to ‘kill myself’ because I’m lying about my looks.

“Telling me that no one will love me because I’m so ugly and have to wear makeup to cover my ‘real face’.”

Social media users have also shared vile posts claiming Victoria is “lying” about her appearance. One account called ‘Saltygxd’ posted the two images with the caption: “This is the same person… make-up is scary.”

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Source: The Sun