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December 2017

BCNN1’s 10 Most Influential Black Christian Thought Leaders of 2017

Here are the 10 most influential black Christian thought leaders of 2017. 1. Dwight McKissic Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Arlington, TX Continues to be an important and influential voice in the Southern Baptist Convention, particularly, this year, using his... Continue Reading →


BCNN1’s 20 Most Popular Stories of 2017

Here are the top 20 stories on BCNN1 that users read and shared in 2017. WATCH: Louis Farrakhan Declares Jesus is his ‘Redeemer’, Says he Has to ‘Pay for What he’s Been Teaching All These Years’ | Click Here Pastor Chris... Continue Reading →

BCNN1’s 10 Most Popular Stories of the Past Decade

BCNN1 was founded in 2007. This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Here are the ten biggest stories we've covered over the past ten years. The Election of Barack Obama Obviously a huge moment for black Americans, Barack Obama, the less-than-three-year... Continue Reading →

Oil Pipeline Company Created Jointly by Israel and Iran to Remain Shrouded in Secrecy

An oil pipeline company established decades ago by Israel and Iran, and a new Israeli company that is meant to replace it, can continue to operate secretly, an Israeli parliamentary committee ruled on Sunday. The Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co (EAPC) was... Continue Reading →

Iran: Rouhani Backs People’s Right to Protest, but Revolutionary Guard Says it Will Crush Demonstrations

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said his country’s people have the right to protest and criticize but that such actions must be for the good -- and rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s backing of demonstrators. Rouhani first comments since protests against... Continue Reading →

This is the ‘Nigerian Prince’ Who’s Been Trying to Scam You Via Email

SLIDELL, LA – A 67-year-old Slidell man who served as a go-between for an international team of scammers running a “Nigerian prince” email scheme has been arrested after an 18-month investigation. Michael Neu, who is neither Nigerian nor a prince, has... Continue Reading →

Sex Robots Could be Hacked to Murder Human Beings

If you've been keeping up with technology news this year you'll be aware that people are a bit concerned about artificial intelligence. Elon Musk is convinced that it is going to kill everyone and a Google AI managed to create its own AI which was... Continue Reading →

NFL National Anthem Protests Continue in Final Week of Regular Season

More than a dozen NFL players protested during or right after the national anthem on Sunday, the final weekend of the league’s regular season. Nine Seattle Seahawks players sat or knelt during the anthem prior to the teams’ game, as... Continue Reading →

Prince Philip Points at Man With a Beard and Jokes ‘Is That a Terrorist?’ While Meeting Crowds at Sandringham

Prince Philip had been accused of making a risque gaffe while meeting crowds at Sandringham, allegedly pointing to a bearded man and asking: 'Is that a terrorist?' The Duke of Edinburgh is said to have cracked the edgy joke as he... Continue Reading →

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