WATCH: Former Child Actor Corey Feldman Says God is Leading him to Expose Sexual Predators in Hollywood

Corey Feldman appears on Dr. Oz (SCREEN SHOT: YOUTUBE)
Corey Feldman appears on Dr. Oz (SCREEN SHOT: YOUTUBE)

Former child actor Corey Feldman, determined to shed light on the sexual corruption happening in Hollywood, said in a recent interview on the “Dr. Oz Show” that God led him to expose those involved in pedophilia.

Feldman recently launched a full-on campaign to raise money so that he can produce a film, telling the full uncensored story of those in Hollywood that he says have been abusing child actors for decades, himself included. Feldman says the powers that be have tried to tarnish his career in the past for speaking out and even recently tried to kill him.

Feldman’s near-death experience prompted him to release a public video sharing his story of sexual abuse in Hollywood again as well as announcing his future plans to expose it all. He explained to Dr. Oz that the idea was divinely inspired.

“After that event, God told me, ‘This is what you are here for, this is what matters.’ I heard this in God’s voice. I said, ‘I have to put myself and my needs aside, [but] I am very afraid for the safety of my child and for myself.'” he admitted. “The only way I knew how to protect myself was to create a film where I can expose all of the truths and hopefully raise enough money through a campaign to get myself the protection that I need to get through this project.”

Feldman says the film will take about a year or more to complete. He had not named the names of those Hollywood pedophiles publicly due to fear for his safety. However, because of the support he received from the iconic surgeon, Feldman named two of his abusers while on his recent visits to the show.

Dr. Oz provided security for Feldman while he was in New York City and contacted the Los Angeles P.D. with him on the phone, trying to get some answers.

As the show continued, and the 46-year-old named one of his abusers, actor Jon Grissom. Feldman told the audience and Dr. Oz that he wants nothing more but to receive help from the authorities.

“I’m not resistant here, people need to understand that. I’m here to carry God’s message of love and light,” Feldman maintained. “Let’s let the truth be told people, the time has come for atonement, this is about atonement!”

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SOURCE: Jeannie Law
Christian Post