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November 23, 2017

Pioneering, Grammy-Winning Jazz Singer Jon Hendricks Dies at 96

Jon Hendricks, the pioneering jazz singer and lyricist who with the trio Lambert, Hendricks & Ross popularized the “vocalese” singing style in which words were added to instrumental songs, has died. He was 96. His daughter, Aria Hendricks, confirmed his... Continue Reading →


Woman Charged With Sending Explosives to Texas Governor and President Obama

Julia Poff, a 46-year-old woman in Sealy, Texas, has been accused of mailing homemade explosives to then-President Obama and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in October 2016. A third package went to the Social Security Administration. Only Abbott opened the package,... Continue Reading →

Elon Musk Won a $50 Million Bet to Build World’s Largest Lithium-Ion Battery in 100 Days

Elon Musk will get paid for building the world's largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia, as the 100-megawatt project is about to begin testing ahead of a December 1 deadline to complete building it or make it free. State premier... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter Fatally Shot With His Own Gun a Day Before Testimony in Police Corruption Case

A Baltimore detective was fatally shot with his own gun just one day before he was set to testify before a federal grand jury in a case involving other officers, the city’s police commissioner said Wednesday. “Detective Suiter was going... Continue Reading →

Iraqi Christians Fear Islamic Oppression After Their Liberation From ISIS

An Iraqi Christian man who fled his hometown due to the rise of the Islamic State in 2014 says circumstances have gotten "even worse" for him and his Christian brothers and sisters following the liberation of Mosul and the surrounding... Continue Reading →

Under Trump, Haiti Quake Victims in U.S. Fear Being Forced to Return to Nation Not Prepared to Receive Them

Haiti is not prepared to receive 60,000 of its citizens who have been living in the United States under protected status since 2010 after an earthquake devastated the island nation, a missionary said. And some Haitian Christians in the U.S.... Continue Reading →

A Timeline of What Happened in Zimbabwe’s Political Drama

Zimbabwe is poised to swear in new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday morning, just two and a half weeks after his firing by longtime President Robert Mugabe. The world’s oldest head of state resigned this week after the military and... Continue Reading →

Kenyan Woman Disowned by Muslim Family, Stripped of Possessions After She Converts to Christianity

“Islam was a yoke to my heart. I felt as if I was forced to believe in things that were a heavy burden to carry. So three weeks ago, I yielded to the call of God and put my faith... Continue Reading →

Honduras President Seeks 2nd Term Despite Constitutional Ban

Less than a decade ago, even talk of re-election was enough to get a Honduran president overthrown. Now Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez appears likely to win a second term on Sunday as well as bolstering the strength of his... Continue Reading →

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