WATCH: Chance the Rapper Sings Funny, Realistic, but Unspiritual Thanksgiving Song On SNL

Chance the Rapper wants to be the “Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving.” That’s what he declared when he stepped out onstage — boldly ditching his iconic 3 baseball cap — for his opening monologue as the host of tonight’s Saturday Night Live.

In his monologue, Chance explained that he wanted to donate $1 million to Chicago public schools; however, his accountant informed him he can’t afford that. So, in order to raise the necessary funds, he decided to take a cue from the elusive songstress by creating Thanksgiving song, because “you can make some serious cash off a holiday hit.”

“Mariah Carey is at that tree lighting every year singing ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and it’s not ’cause she loves giant trees. It’s ’cause she loves having a third assistant whose only job is to yell at her second assistant,” said Chance. “I want to become the Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving. I want my song to honor what’s truly special about this holiday: how it’s the one time a year that you invite all your relatives to dinner, even the ones you can’t stand. So all you outcasts and weirdos in the family, this one’s for you.”

And cue the funky song!

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