Texas Mother-of-Two Dies in Suspicious Fall From Parking Garage Minutes After She is Seen on Surveillance Video With Mystery Man

Taylor Gruwell-Miller, 26, plummeted to her death from a parking garage structure in September

A family is looking for answers after a Texas mom died in suspicious fall from a parking garage.

Taylor Gruwell-Miller, 26, plummeted to her death from The Icon at the Ross apartment parking garage in Dallas on Sept. 23 while with someone she had met in rehab.

‘I just want the truth,’ her dad Rich Gruwell told WFAA. ‘My daughter didn’t take her own life.’

Dallas police released surveillance video Thursday from that night in an attempt to shed light on her death.

Her family has been left without answers as to how she fell to her death after being seen with a man she had met in rehab
Dallas Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying other men seen in this video interacting with the man Gruwell-Miller was with that evening
Gruwell-Miller is seen walking towards a vehicle with the man she met in rehab minutes before she died

Authorities say on the night she died, the mother of two young children was with a man she met at rehab while getting help for prescription drug abuse.

In the video, Gruwell-Miller is seen getting in a car with the man at the parking garage. They appear to be holding hands but also seem to be arguing.

Once in the car, they drove to the top floor of the garage. Minutes later Gruwell-Miller fell to her death and the man returned to the third floor of the garage alone.

The man, according to WFAA was a college football linebacker who was on probation for a drug conviction. She left the rehab facility with him two days before she died.

According to police the man has refused to meet with investigators and his written statements have contradicted the surveillance video.

‘I think there’s one person at least that knows what happened to my daughter, and I just wish that person would tell the truth, whatever that truth is,’ her dad Rich Gruwell said. ‘Just come forward and say what happened.’

There are two other men in the video that detectives are asking the public to help identify. They may be able to shed light on the events that led to the mother’s death.

Her dad said she checked into rehab in August and spoke often with her and about how she missed her children.

‘We talked about her kids, and how proud I was of her,’ Gruwell said. ‘I was always proud of her.’

She called him for gas money that night. Gruwell said he questioned why she wasn’t at the rehab, but that it was a short conversation. She was dead just four hours later.

Two hours after Gruwell-Miller died, the man she was with texted a friend of hers asking if he had seen her.

He texted her friend that he had dropped her off and when he came back to pick her up she was gone. He texted the friend again at 2am asking ‘Is she with you?’

He also told police that he had dropped the mother-of-two off at the top level of the garage, along with her dog, and went back to visit a friend- but when he returned she was gone.

Police say there was no evidence a dog was with the pair that evening.

The woman’s family is distraught.
They say they want answers for the sake of Gruwell-Miller’s two young children

He was found by police the following morning, passed out in his car. When he awoke he was sobbing telling police that someone close to him died – contradicting his written statement that he did not know Taylor had died.

Police have his phone in custody however its password protected and he refuses to unlock it for them.

Her father says he even sent a letter to the man’s parents, begging him to cooperate and enclosed photos of Gruwell-Miller’s children, asking for the sake of his grandchildren.

Taylor’s two kids, two-year-old Greyden and 4-year-old Emory, have not yet been told their mother is dead. Meanwhile they are staying with their father out of state.

‘Their dad is a good man,’ Gruwell said. ‘He is doing the best he can.’

Anyone with information regarding the identity of the individuals in the video or information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact Detective Derick Chaney at 214-671-3650 or derick.chaney@dpd.ci.dallas.tx.us. Please refer to case number 218587-2017

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Jessica Finn