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November 18, 2017

Pastor John Pavlovitz: When Christians Defend Predators

There’s a story in the Bible about one of Jesus’ beloved students named Peter, who publicly denies ever knowing him. Jesus has been arrested and is facing death at the hands of the Romans—and Peter, fearing for his own life... Continue Reading →


Birmingham Church Holds Anti-Roy Moore Rally as Moore’s Wife Gathers Women to Show Support

A leading figure among religious liberals is speaking out against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. The Rev. William J. Barber led a rally against Moore at a church in Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday. More than 100 people gathered for... Continue Reading →

Why So Few Black Women in Wave of Sexual Harassment Accusers? Some Say ‘the Stakes Are Higher’

In the weeks since dozens of women have accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of rape or sexual harassment, unleashing an avalanche of similar charges against other prominent men across American life, women and men of color have been largely absent... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Juanita Bynum Shares Testimony of Healing From Fibroid Tumors, a Health Issue Which Afflicts Many Black Women

Juanita Bynum recently shared a powerful and personal testimony at New Greater Bethel Ministries in Queens, New York on how the Lord is bringing her through some serious health challenges with fibroid tumors, an issue that afflicts many black women... Continue Reading →

44 People Feared Lost as Argentine Military Submarine Goes Silent

Seven satellite calls have been logged that Argentine officials believe are being pinged from the submarine ARA San Juan, which has been missing since Wednesday when communications broke down, giving hope that the crew can still be saved. Argentine Defense... Continue Reading →

Egyptian Christians Lock Themselves Inside Church as They Are Attacked by Mob of 1,000 People

Christians were forced to lock the doors of their church for their own safety as a furious mob launched an attack on the building as tensions continue to soar in Egypt. More than 1,000 people gathered outside a recently-renovated Coptic... Continue Reading →

Citing ‘War On Men,’ Some Alabama Pastors Stand by Roy Moore: One Says, ‘More Women Are Sexual Predators Than Men’

Despite allegations of sexual misconduct against Senate candidate Roy Moore, many pastors in Alabama and other states in the Southeast are sticking by the twice-removed Chief Justice.  "This attack on Judge Moore is an attempt by the Democrats to sway voters... Continue Reading →

Jury Awards Katy Perry, L.A. Archdiocese $5 Million In Dispute Over Convent Sale

A California businesswoman has been ordered to pay $5 million to pop star Katy Perry and the archdiocese of Los Angeles in a dispute over the sale of a convent. A jury on Friday found that entrepreneur Dana Hollister intentionally... Continue Reading →

‘A New Zimbabwe’: Zimbabweans March to Demand Mugabe’s Ouster

Thousands of Zimbabweans on Saturday marched toward the home of President Robert Mugabe to demand his ouster following a turbulent military takeover earlier this week. The Zimbabwean military, which has placed Mugabe on house arrest elsewhere in the city and... Continue Reading →

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