Here We Go: History Prof. Instructs College Students to Use ‘Gender-Neutral Language’ in Research Papers

A history professor at a university in California instructed her students to use gender-neutral language when writing their research reports and warned them not to use certain gender-specific language and pronouns.

San Diego State University Associate History Professor Chiou-Ling Yeh instructed her students in a recent assignment that they are to avoid using pronouns such as “he” or “she” and sex-specific words like “mankind,” The College Fix reports.

The assignment in question, which was obtained by The College Fix, is a research paper in which the professor laid out several guidelines for how she expects the papers to be written and formatted.

The 11th guideline listed on the sheet states: “Try to use gender-neutral language in your writing.”

“Do not use the universal ‘he’ or ‘his.’ Use he/she or he and she,” the document tells students. “Do not use ‘mankind’ when ‘humankind’ or ‘humanity’ will do just as well.”

The Christian Post reached out to Yeh for comment about whether or not a student’s grade on the paper would be marked down if he or she chose not to follow the assignment’s guidelines calling for gender-neutral terminology.

Yeh did not respond by press time. An update will be provided if a response is received.

As TheBlaze notes, this is far from the first time that college students have been instructed to use gender-neutral language.

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Source: Christian Post