Authorities Continue to Search for Gunman Who Shot Baltimore Police Detective

The Baltimore police detective who was shot in the head Wednesday afternoon has died, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Thursday afternoon.

Federal and local authorities on Thursday continue to search for the gunman who shot Detective Sean Suiter.

Mayor Catherine Pugh said Suiter was well-respected and will be very missed.

“Everybody here at Shock Trauma knows him. We know that people in the community know him. He was well-respected, and he will be very sorely missed,” Pugh said. “I ask the city of Baltimore to please pray for this family, a strong family, a police officer who gave his life doing his duty, a former (Army) officer who has served his country well and has served his city well.”

Suiter, 43, leaves behind a wife and five children. He was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and lived with his family in Pennsylvania.

“Just after noon today (Thursday), 18-year veteran homicide Detective Sean Suiter was pronounced dead,” Davis said. “(He was) 43 years old, married, father of five; his wife Nicole is here with him.”

“Their youngest is 14. I know they have a 24-year-old son,” Pugh said. “I ask you to pray for her pray for their children and pray for our city.”

Suiter had served in the specialty operations unit and received several commendations.

“He’s a can-do guy. He loved being a cop,” Davis said. “He has several commendations from the Police Department, and listen, he’s a loved guy in the BPD.”

Detective shot while investigating open case

The shooting happened in the 900 block of Bennett Place near Fremont Avenue around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

“Detective Suiter was with a partner from the homicide division. They were in the Bennett Place area investigating a 2016 murder, and while they were in the vicinity, they observed a man engaged in suspicious behavior,” Davis said.

Suiter was checking out a man who seemed suspicious. A confrontation ensued and moved into a vacant lot that used to be a rowhome. That’s where the shooting took place.

“It’s an open space with some debris, a couple tree stumps, a couple chain-link fences,” Davis said.

It is not clear what was said between the detective and the man. Sources told the 11 News I-Team that four to five shots were fired. The detective’s gun was found in that area, which may raise the possibility that he may have had it out, and it fired during the confrontation. If the shooter handled it, it could provide very important evidence.

Enforcement has been stepped up in the area. The I-Team saw multiple traffic stops Thursday in which people were questioned and vehicles were searched.

What makes the investigation difficult is that the detectives were in the neighborhood Wednesday looking for information and a witness in an open case. It appears the confrontation and shooting was completely unrelated, so there is no name of someone to give investigators a lead to go on.

Police flood neighborhood to investigate shooting

Police cadets on Thursday were searching for any evidence in the area. Police officers put the area under a lockdown Thursday, saturating at least four blocks and scouring the crime scene for the suspect and looking for more evidence.

Police haven’t identified a suspect, but they believe he’s injured. They haven’t said what type of injury he might have.

“We are obviously searching emergency rooms, doctor’s offices,” Davis said. “We’re asking the shooter to do the right thing, call 911, turn yourself in.”

Residents encountered a neighborhood seemingly under siege with police checking identifications.

“It was a little difficult, a lot difficult, actually. I’ve been up since 7 o’clock this morning. When I try to come outside, they needed my name, make sure I lived there. They needed to make sure my daughter lived there. And there was an escort. They escorted me out my house,” said Terraya Moore, who lives on Bennett Place.

Police officers were answering calls in the community with extra manpower, and in some cases, armed with assault weapons. Police officers in tactical gear were seen throughout the neighborhood.

Authorities are asking for anyone who knows the suspect to do the right thing.

“We’re asking those folks to do some soul-searching and pick up the phone and give us a call. We are asking this shooter to do the right thing. He knows what he did,” Davis said.

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Source: WBAL TV