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November 15, 2017

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Savior of the World” Painting Sells for Record $450 Million at Auction

Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Salvator Mundi,” or “Savior of the World,” sold for $450 million at a Christie’s auction in New York on Wednesday. It’s a world record for any piece of artwork sold at an auction. The painting, which... Continue Reading →


Hillsong Founder Brian Houston Releases Statement After Australia’s Vote For Same-Sex Marriage

In the wake of Australia formally recognizing same-sex unions, Brian Houston of Hillsong maintained he will stand firm on the Bible's definition of marriage. "Australia has overwhelmingly voted to legalize same-sex marriage, and my hope is that once this becomes... Continue Reading →

Ivanka Trump on Roy Moore: ‘There’s a Special Place in Hell for People Who Prey on Children’

When asked Wednesday about the allegations of sexual misconduct against Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore, Ivanka Trump told the AP: “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children.” Moore has been accused of initiating sexual contact... Continue Reading →

Four More Women Accuse Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct

Three more women have come forward to accuse Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. One of them, Tina Johnson, told that Moore groped her in 1991 when she was in his office. Moore was married at the time. “He... Continue Reading →

Here We Go: Church of England Says Boys Can Cross-dress, Wear Tiaras and Heels In ‘Valuing God’s Children’ Report

The Church of England, which this past summer voted to affirm transgender people in the church, said in a report aimed at tackling homophobia and transphobia that boys should be allowed to cross-dress as part of growing up. "All bullying, including homophobic,... Continue Reading →

What Trump’s Evangelical Advisers Took From Their Listening Tour In Egypt

Egyptian Protestants appreciate listening tour by US counterparts. Jim Garlow walked cautiously through the cavernous halls of Egypt’s Ministry of Islamic Endowments. He prayed: Why am I here, God? What do you want me to see? The pastor of Skyline Church... Continue Reading →

Aussie Lawmakers Voice Concern for Religious Rights After Voters Say ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Marriage

A majority of Australians say they support gay marriage as the results from a two-month, non-binding postal survey were announced Wednesday. The country's Bureau of Statistics said 62 percent of registered adults responded favorably to the survey to allow same-sex... Continue Reading →

Debut of First-Ever Hijab-Wearing Barbie Draws Praise and Backlash

Mattel has just launched a new hijab-wearing Barbie doll inspired by Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad. The company's move to include a doll in Islamic dress has caused quite a controversy online, with people for it and against it speaking out.... Continue Reading →

Could It Happen Here? How Some Churches Are Preparing For a Possible Mass Shooting

Did they know how many rounds a gunman fired into First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas? Did they know how many little boys and girls he killed? Did they know there was a second violent church attack that same... Continue Reading →

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