Here We Go: Transgender Substitute Teacher Brags About Confusing Indiana 2nd Graders

Second graders in South Bend Community Schools, one of Indiana’s largest public school systems, are getting an education in transgenderism thanks to the district welcoming substitute teacher Meghan Buell into their classrooms.

Meghan, a biological male, dresses and identifies as a female. Thanks to the county’s SOGI statute which prevents “discrimination” against an individual on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity, the school district can hide behind the law when parents object to having Buell teaching sexual confusion as normal and productive.

Despite the mean-spirited and hysterical accusations of bigotry leveled against conservative Christians who repeatedly warned about the unintended consequences of SOGI laws, here is a prime example of the end result of such emotionally driven policy. It presents a self-evident answer to LGBT political activists who have demanded, “How does someone else’s personal life affect you?”

The objection has never been about policing someone’s personal life. It has always been about halting the advancement of a policy agenda that limits conscience rights, religious freedom, and parental rights. The dirty little secret has always been that the movement predicated upon the creed, “Keep the government out of the bedroom,” is the very movement forcing their views of sexuality onto others through the power of government.

When the Indiana Liberty Coalition contacted the South Bend Community School superintendent Dr. Kenneth Spells with their concerns, they were sent a response from Human Resources Director Dr. Todd Cummings, who explained,

“The City of South Bend and St. Joseph County have a broad Human Rights Ordinance which protects all citizens against discrimination in employment based on gender identity. Ms. Buell is the Executive Director of TREES and was speaking in LaPorte in that capacity-not as our employee.”

While all of that is true – Buell’s speech in LaPorte, Indiana was hosted by a third party (the Indiana Youth Institute), and was given in the capacity of the executive director of the Transgender Resource Education and Enrichment Services – Cummings perhaps intentionally ignores that Buell’s speech included specific references to his interactions with the second grade students in the South Bend school system.

Buell laughed about the eight year olds being confused about his deep voice and why he was dressed as a girl, but told the audience that he thinks those are great opportunities to teach kids to accept people for who they are – a fine lesson unless that involves disrupting the normal reality testing and cognitive development of children by teaching them it’s rational and safe to deny biological science.

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Source: Christian Post