Obama Reports for Jury Duty in Downtown Chicago

The former leader of the free world reported for Cook County jury duty this morning at the downtown Daley Center.

Barack Obama left his South Side home in the Kenwood neighborhood just before 9:30 a.m. bound for the courthouse as officers on bicycles circled around the area. His motorcade arrived at the Daley Center around 10 a.m. and parked in a secure garage underneath the building, a source said. He then took a private elevator used by judges to the 17th floor jury assembly room where a small crowd of photographers, reporters, court staff and attorneys pressed up against the doors hoping to catch a glimpse of the former president.

A media scrum was on hand for the event, but there were plenty of others who caught a glimpse of him. “He’s gorgeous!” exclaimed court clerk Sonal Joshi, who briefly came upstairs to try and see Obama before rushing back to her post on a lower floor of the building.

Early Wednesday, Ronald Stubbs who also was summoned for jury duty, waited in the lobby with his phone ready to snap a photo of Obama.

Stubbs, 50, of the Pullman neighborhood, said he’d been called to serve on a jury before, but he was only picked as an alternate. This time, though, he was excited about the prospect of seeing the president, who along with his family currently resides in Washington D.C.

“It’s cool,” Stubbs said before going upstairs to report for jury duty on the 17th floor — something Obama would also do a short time later. “I would love to see the former president.”

Although he’s the only would-be juror with a Secret Service detail, Obama will be paid the same rate, $17.20 a day. Prospective jurors are allowed to bring and use cellphones while waiting in the jury assembly area, so there’s a possibility that Obama selfies will soon begin floating around on social media.

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SOURCE: Chicago Tribune, Steve Schmadeke and Elvia Malagon