Three Christian Friends Kickstarter Campaign to Make Pocket-Sized Bible in Manuscript Form Gets Funded In Just Five Hours

Manuscripts: The Bible in individual, pocket-sized volumes seen in a promotional video on Kickstarter, October 2017.

Three Christian friends from southwestern Missouri who are on a mission to publish pocket-sized Gospels in manuscript form for easy reading got their project fully funded in just five hours after launching a Kickstarter fundraiser. But “we are not done,” they say.

“To fund it in five hours was a good feeling. It was a surprise,” Giancarlo Ospina, one of the three, tells Springfield News-Leader. “We are not done. We want to raise a lot more than that.”

The project was launched in late October with the goal of $12,000. In about a week, it has raised $23,614, and the campaign carries on until Nov. 28.

“We were inspired by the way Scripture was originally written, by individual authors with diverse points of view,” wrote Ospina, Jordan Donaldson and Jesse Tyler on Kickstarter. “Manuscripts is printing the books of the Bible in easy to read volumes that are beautiful and small enough to place in your pocket. To start, we’re printing the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.”

These will be books “you can carry with you and pass on,” says Donaldson. “We all grew up in a Christian setting and the Bible can be sort of super intimidating. It can feel like a textbook.”

The three eventually want to publish all the Books of the Bible. The initial four books are priced at $28 as a set.

“We will probably be releasing the Books in collections,” Tyler says.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, by Anugrah Kumar