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November 6, 2017

Texas Church Massacre: A Time to Mourn, A Time to Weep

In Ecclesiastes, it is written that there is “a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance” (Eccl. 3:4). Now is a time to mourn, a time to weep. Now is... Continue Reading →


President Trump Says Texas Church Shooting Is About Mental Health, Not Guns

Responding to a U.S. mass shooting for the second time in six weeks, President Donald Trump said Monday that it wasn’t “a guns situation” that was behind the slayings of more than two dozen worshippers at a Texas church a... Continue Reading →

Judge Declines to Remove Former Trump Aides From House Arrest

A federal judge said Monday that she was inclined to remove from house arrest two former aides to President Donald Trump’s campaign now facing criminal charges but would not do so until receiving more detailed financial information from them. Lawyers... Continue Reading →

UK PM Calls for End to Abuses of Power Amid Sex Harassment Claims

British Prime Minister Theresa May called Monday for greater effort to stamp out “abuses of power” in public life amid what she called troubling allegations of sexual harassment and abuse in U.K. politics. May and leaders of the other parties... Continue Reading →

Names on the Ballot for Baseball Hall of Fame Election

Former stars Steve Garvey, Jack Morris and Tommy John and longtime players’ union chief Marvin Miller are among the 10 names on the ballot for a Hall of Fame election next month. The candidates were announced Monday. Results will be... Continue Reading →

Why Debt From Republican Tax Cuts Might Impose a Painful Price

When House Republicans proposed their tax-cut plan last week, critics noted that it came with a towering price: It would swell the nation’s debt by $1.5 trillion at a time when the economy is already faring well on its own... Continue Reading →

Florida State Suspends All Fraternities and Sororities Following Alcohol-Related Death

Florida State University indefinitely suspended its fraternities and sororities Monday after the alcohol-related death of a freshman pledge and cocaine charges for another fraternity member. University President John Thrasher didn’t say how long the suspension will last. “This pause is... Continue Reading →

Suspect in California Warehouse Fire That Killed 36 Says Landlord Is Also Responsible

A man charged with involuntary manslaughter in a California warehouse fire that killed 36 people last December says the building’s owner shares responsibility for the deaths. Derick Almena said in a jailhouse interview airing on Oakland television KTVU Monday night that he... Continue Reading →

Trump Administration Seeks Billions of Dollars to Counter North Korean Missiles

The Trump administration is seeking nearly $6 billion to pay for urgent missile defense improvements to counter the threat from North Korea, increased U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan and fast repairs to Navy ships in the Asia-Pacific theater. The budget... Continue Reading →

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