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November 3, 2017

LISTEN: Jesus Reveals God’s True Intent Behind the Law, Part 30 — The Law of Retribution (Just Jesus Evangelistic Campaign, Day 273 since Jan. 20, 2017 / Day 640 since Jan. 1, 2016 with Daniel Whyte III) What is the Gospel? According to 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, the Gospel is embodied in these words: "Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By... Continue Reading →


CDC Data: Births Continue to Decline, Deaths Rise in U.S.

As birth rates in the US continue to decline, deaths from age-related diseases are on the rise this year, according to new quarterly estimates released by the CDC today. Deaths from cancer and HIV, on the other hand, are estimated to continue their... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Girl Attacked, Beaten With Bat by Group of Teens in Second Such Incident

Another brazen assault, and another mother left in awe. It’s a story that is only being shared with WJZ. “These attacks, these assaults, someone is going to get killed,” said Kia Martin, whose daughter was attacked at the Inner Harbor on Halloween.... Continue Reading →

Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Dies of Heart Attack During Physical Fitness Exam

A Georgia deputy died Thursday after suffering a heart attack during a physical fitness exam, officials said. James Wallace, 61, was taking the Richmond County sheriff’s annual physical fitness assessment when he had the heart attack, the sheriff’s office said.... Continue Reading →

Thousands Sign Petition Calling for Casey Affleck to be Banned from Oscars Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Thousands of people have signed an online petition to ban actor Casey Affleck from being a presenter at the next Oscars. The petition, started by New York filmmaker Cameron Bossert, asks the Academy to bar Affleck due to sexual harassment... Continue Reading →

Some Say ‘Civil War’ Will Result from Gathering of Antifa Groups in 20 Cities This Weekend

A new anti-fascist group plans a rally Saturday in downtown Portland – part of series scheduled in cities across the country – but the demonstrations have whipped up a heap of warnings by right-wing groups on social media that the... Continue Reading →

3 GOP Lawmakers Call for Robert Mueller’s Removal from Trump-Russia Investigation

Three Republican U.S. lawmakers called on Friday for Robert Mueller to resign as special counsel investigating Russia and the 2016 U.S. election, the latest in a series of conservatives’ criticisms of the FBI and Justice Department during the probe of... Continue Reading →

Is Kroger Trying to be the Next Walmart?

Supermarket chain will sell new apparel brand next fall at about 300 Fred Meyer, Kroger Marketplace stores Kroger Co. will soon introduce racks of blouses alongside aisles of beans and broccoli. The nation’s largest supermarket chain said Friday that it... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Hide the Word In Your Heart #63 with Danyelle Elizabeth Breedlove Whyte John Piper said, “One of the reasons Martin Luther came to his great discovery in the Bible of justification by faith alone was that in his early years in the Augustinian monastery he was influenced to love Scripture by... Continue Reading →

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