Katherine Jackson Files Documents to Legally Resign as Blanket Jackson’s Guardian

Hussein Samir/SIPA; Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images
Katherine Jackson has started the process to legally resign as Blanket‘s guardian.

Back in Sept. 2012, Katherine and TJ Jackson were appointed co-guardians of the late Michael Jackson‘s three children. Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson are now over 18, while Blanket (real name Prince Michael Jackson II) is still only 15.

In court documents filed by Katherine’s attorneys and obtained by E! News, it’s stated that Katherine is “no longer needed to fulfill the duties” that were needed back in 2012.

The documents also say that given Katherine’s age, 87, and that Blanket is now 15, she “feels that TJ is able to assume all necessary responsibilities of the guardianship” for him.

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SOURCE: E! News, Jess Cohen

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