Google, Facebook, Twitter Face Questions from Lawmakers in Russia Election Interference Investigation

Google will be on the hot seat Tuesday as lawmakers begin a series of hearings examining whether Russian actors used social media and digital ad networks to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are all sending their general counsels to testify on the matter before the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as the House and Senate Intelligence committees.

Google has faced the least public scrutiny of the three companies when it comes to Russia’s election activities.

The company’s executives have said very little on how its platform might have been used by those seeking to meddle in the U.S. election and have not put out public statements.

What information has come out about Google has largely come from leaks to reporters.

Despite the lack of attention on the search giant, experts are skeptical that Russian actors did not use Google and its ad network in the election interference effort.

“To think [foreign actors] somehow didn’t use Google but used all these platforms is ridiculous,” says Clint Watts, a former FBI agent who has testified before the Senate on Russian operations.

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The Hill