The Right Decision Is Better Than a Quick Decision by Brandon Cox

If you aspire to lead an organization with greater confidence, you’ve no doubt felt the pressure to be the bold decision maker—the one out front ready to charge into the fray.

The problem is, sometimes we charge ahead, ignoring the pitfalls, traps and perils in our pathway, and it doesn’t end well. We can wind up crashing and burning, and hurting other people in the process.

When I first started watching The Apprentice years ago, I was impressed with Donald Trump’s ability to make a decision very quickly and execute it confidently (think, “You’re fired!”). And now that he’s the leader of the free world, the very trait I thought reflected good leadership scares me a bit.

It takes humility to slow down, listen and view a situation from multiple angles.

I’ve had to come to a place of acceptance about my own leadership speed. I used to spend a lot of emotional energy wishing I could be the quick decision maker. But I’m learning, sometimes the hard way, that I really need to put thought and prayer into my decisions before executing.

Things work out better when I’m willing to slow down. Why?

  • Slowing down allows me to clear my head.
  • Slowing down lets me involve and empower other people.
  • Slowing down reduces risk by getting more of the facts.

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Source: Church Leaders