Stellar Award-winning Gospel Artist Casey J Visits St. Jude: ‘There Is So Much Joy in This Place’

Photo Credit: Casey J Instagram

Lots of connections were made among media, gospel artists, patients, and families at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during its Celebration of Hope weekend Oct. 13-15 in Memphis, TN.

Stellar Award-winning gospel singer Casey J. Hobbs told EEW Magazine her deepest connection was with the children and how much “joy” she felt during her inspiring visit.

The worship leader best known for her two Billboard Top 10 hits, “I’m Yours” and “Fill Me Up,” admitted to EEW President Dianna Hobbs that she was initially “nervous” about how emotionally difficult it would be to come face-to-face with children battling for their lives.

“Working in the local school system, I’ve run into students and children with different health predicaments,” said Casey, a former math teacher who has previously taught youth one-on-one who were medically home-bound.

Despite her experience, she thought, perhaps, interacting with St. Jude patients that are on a harrowing journey to wholeness, might prove equally, if not more so, difficult.

“I love families and I love kids so I’m like, ‘I’m going to cry for six hours,’” the Atlanta-based Tyscot recording artist assumed. But after arriving, Casey found the atmosphere pleasant, filled with hope, love, optimism and most of all, joy.

“There is so much joy in this place,” she told EEW while chatting from The Amy Grant Room at the immaculate and beautifully designed Target House of St. Jude—a housing facility about three miles from the hospital which provides no-cost shelter for families of patients whose treatment goes beyond three months.

Throughout the tour and while spending time with the kids, Casey said she focused on the
faithfulness of God instead of the sadness of the circumstances.

“God is so faithful that He can give us joy even in predicaments that, for other people, would seem hopeless. And so, to see so much hope and joy here has really inspired me, and definitely has put things in perspective,” she said.

St. Jude makes sure no family ever receives a bill for medical procedures, medication or housing provided to its patients and their families. The loyal and generous support from donors around the world helps the hospital meet its daily operation budget of $2.9 million.

For those searching for reasons to support, Casey recommends being a blessing to others out of the purity of your heart, as well as from a place of knowing that “we are just one day away, one phone call away, one bad predicament away from possibly needing the resources that we’re giving to others.”

Casey, who’s preparing to release new music, referenced Mark 25:40 as impetus to give. In that passage, Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Want to donate to St. Jude’s mission? Click here to give.

SOURCE: EEW Magazine – Rebecca Johnson