Utah High School Officials Say They Took ‘Appropriate Action’ Against White Teen Cheerleaders Shown on Video Chanting Racial Slur

Several white teenage girls who filmed themselves yelling racial slurs have been disciplined by their Utah high school, but the district has refused to reveal what their punishment was. 

School officials from Weber High School in Pleasant View, near Salt Lake City, said on Tuesday that they had taken ‘appropriate action’ against the female students.

The white students, three of whom are cheerleaders, made the video about a year ago of them saying ‘f*****g n*****s’ into the camera.

One of them posted the footage on Instagram last week and it was quickly shared across social media and drew widespread attention.

The girls had recorded themselves saying a nonsensical phrase and a Snapchat filter played the video backward to produce the expletive and slur.

They in fact uttered ‘surgeon cuff’ and watched in amusement as the technology transformed their words into offensive racial slurs. Staff said there was still ‘no excuse’ for the footage.

Following the fallout from the video, the Weber School District issued a statement saying the footage had affected many of the students.

‘Weber School District has taken this matter very seriously. The investigation has now concluded and the school has taken appropriate action against the students,’ it read.

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Source: Daily Mail