Anthony Weiner to Serve 21 Months at Federal Medical Center Devens

Anthony Weiner has been assigned to a federal prison in Massachusetts next month where he’ll be locked up alongside members of the Gambino crime family, Bernie Madoff’s brother, and a billionaire Clinton fundraiser convicted of insider trading.

The disgraced former congressman will reportedly be incarcerated at Federal Medical Facility Devens when he turns himself in to serve out his 21 month sentence on Nov. 6, according a report in City & State.

The Board of Prisons said it could not disclose Weiner’s prison assignment until he is in federal custody.

FMC Devens has housed a wide variety of inmates – most notoriously Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston marathon bomber, who was placed at Devens for medical treatment in 2013 before being transferred to the supermax facility in Colorado.

FMC Devens, which was a former military facility for nearby Fort Devens, houses inmates of all security levels, but specializes in prisoners with medical conditions and sex offenders and is considered a relatively pleasant assignment as far as federal prisons go.

The prison, located in the sleepy northern Massachusetts town of Ayers, boasts tree-lined manicured lawns, dorm-like housing, sports fields and a recreation center.

It also offers a number of leisure activities, including Weiner’s favourite sport – hockey – as well as a hobby craft shop, a music practice room, and cooking classes.

Weiner wouldn’t be the only ex-politician at the facility. Former Massachusetts State Rep. John George, Jr. is currently serving out a 70-month sentence at Devens, after he pleaded guilty in 2015 to embezzling federal funds.

Weiner may also recognize a friendly face in Raj Rajaratnam, the billionaire founder of Galleon Group, who was sentenced to 11 years for a $60 million insider trading scheme in 2009.

Before his conviction, Rajaratnam was a major political donor to Hillary Clinton and to Weiner’s former mentor, Sen. Chuck Schumer. Rajarantam also served as a trustee for a charity group co-founded by Bill Clinton.

Rajaratnam could be a good ally for Weiner to have on the inside – according to reports, the former Wall Street titan has been living it up at Devens with a prime top-floor cell, a private bathroom, an in-room T.V., and a personal ‘manservant.’

One of Rajaratnam’s former assistants sued him in 2014 and claimed the former hedge fund executive wired money to other prisoners in exchange for special favors.

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Source: Daily Mail