5 Teens Plead Not Guilty to Murder After Throwing Rock Off Michigan Overpass That Killed a Man

A judge on Tuesday denied bond to five Michigan teenagers who are charged with second-degree murder in a deadly rock-throwing incident on Interstate 75.

All five suspects in the death of 32-year-old Ken White entered not-guilty pleas in a Genesee County court.

White, a father-of-four from Mount Morris, was a passenger in a van when a six-pound rock thrown from an overpass smashed through the windshield, killing him, last week.

Police say at least 20 rocks were found on the interstate, 80 miles north of Detroit. Other cars were damaged.

The underage suspects are charged as adults. Kyle Anger turns 18 next week. He’s accused of throwing the rock that hit the van.

The teens also face charges of conspiracy and property destruction. The others are 16-year-olds Mark Sekelsky and Mikadyn Payne and 15-year-olds Alexzander Miller and Trevor Gray.

Genessee County Prosecutor David Leyton announced the charges Monday, five days after White’s killing.

All five suspects could face life in prison for the second-degree murder charge.

‘I don’t think this was a deliberate attempt to take somebody’s life. It was a willful and wanton act that resulted in somebody’s death,’ Leyton said regarding the charges.

On Tuesday, Genesee District Judge William Crawford II ordered all five young men held without bond, citing ‘the seriousness of the nature of these charges and the danger to the public,’ reported Fox 2.

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Source: Daily Mail