The Idol Many Women Have But Refuse to Admit

Chelsea Crockett

Nearly every woman has had that moment—the one where she’s hunched over in the dressing room and catches sight of her body. She can immediately pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with it or what she would change. Rarely does she use that moment to reflect on how God created her fearfully and wonderfully.

Nineteen-year-old beauty video blogger Chelsea Crockett has been there—along with other stops on the self-esteem train—as she works out who she is in Christ and her divine purpose.

“God has given us our faces and our bodies for a divine purpose, and if we are emphasizing that, he’s created us uniquely and beautiful in our own ways,” Crockett says.

Crockett is as quick to laugh as she is to discuss difficult topics for a Christian teen. Her vlog conquers doozies like how to honor God in a culture saturated with sex and pornography, but also has captured the moment of sweet adoration when she surprised her long-distance boyfriend for his birthday.

What’s she’s most known for, though, might be her fresh makeovers and beauty tips that coincide with the seasons. As much fun as it is, she says, a woman must be careful to guard her heart.

Her YouTube channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

“Whenever we look at ourselves in the mirror, whenever we’re changing, it can be kind of discouraging when we see ourselves like that, we think, ‘I wish I could do this to change, that it’s time to get on diet plan.’ Some of us follow through, but a lot of us don’t have that willpower, and we eat all these Cheetos, do whatever, and get stuck in this cycle,” Crockett says. “But even then, I think we have to know we are made in God’s image, and we are created with a divine purpose.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Jessilyn Justice