Nashville Church Shooter Says He Heard Voices, Had Visions Before Carrying Out Attack

The man who confessed to opening fire outside a Nashville-area church allegedly told police he had voices in his head and visions leading up to the attack.

Emanuel K. Samson, the suspect in the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ shooting Sept. 24 allegedly “made some comments about visions and voices” during an interview with police after the shooting, according to testimony in court Monday, The Tennessean reports. Samson allegedly confessed to having a specific vision of the church he admitted to attacking.

Samson is accused of murdering one and wounding seven others during his rampage.

The church body continues to be affected by the tragedy.

“Just as all of you have, we have thought about why this horrible act occurred, but we just do not know,” according to the church Facebook page. “We are not going to speculate or guess on what the motive was, and we encourage all of you not to either. We will share with you the relevant, accurate facts as we learn them. … In light of all of this, we are focused on continuing to join together under God each week for worship and prayer, as staying strong in His service will be what helps all those affected by this tragedy survive the hardship. Thank you. Now let’s come together and worship.”

Samson’s preliminary hearing occurred Monday. The 25-year-old suspect faces a criminal homicide charge in the death, with other charges expected to mount as the investigation continues.

Judge Allegra Walker ruled there was enough evidence to send the case to the grand jury.

SOURCE: Charisma News – Jessilyn Justice