Tasha Cobbs and Canadian Women of Gospel Event Promoter Issue Disputing, Condemnatory Accounts of Reason for Cobbs’ Failure to Perform as Promised

After gospel music star Tasha Cobbs-Leonard refused to perform last night at Gospel Connection Canada’s Canadian Women of Gospel event, rumors began to fly that the event promoter was unable to pay her promised performance fees. These rumors were fueled by a note Cobbs posted to social media attributing her failure to appear at the event to “the promoter’s failure to operate in integrity” and “failure to cover us as promised”. However, event promoter Gospel Connection Canada later countered with a note of its own disclosing that it had already paid Cobbs $35k and accusing Cobbs of “appalling behaviour” both “unchristian” and “bad [for] business”. See both messages below:

We Will See You Soon! ❤️

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