Following Goodell’s Comments, Trump Repeats Call for NFL Players to Stand During National Anthem

President Trump turned his ire to the NFL once again on Wednesday, repeating his call for the league to require players to stand during the national anthem.

“NFL: Too much talk, not enough action. Stand for the National Anthem,” Trump wrote on Twitter.


The comment came just hours after a press conference by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, during which he said the league will not implement a rule requiring players to stand during the national anthem, rather all players “should stand.”

The NFL announced Tuesday as well that it would continue to allow players to sit or kneel during the national anthem — a form of protest that Trump has railed against in recent weeks as disrespectful to the country and the flag.

The Wednesday afternoon tweet was Trump’s second of the day criticizing the NFL for its decision. Earlier in the day, he reiterated his claim that the protests were disrespectful.

“The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem,” he tweeted early Wednesday morning. “Total disrespect for our great country!”

Trump sparked a feud with the sports world last month when he called for NFL owners to fire players who take a knee during the national anthem and urged supporters to walk out of games where athletes partake in the protests.

SOURCE: The Hill – Max Greenwood