Usain Bolt Competes in 5km Charity Race

Usain Bolt may have hung up his sprinting spikes after the World Championships in London two months ago, but the athletics legend appears in no rush to give up running in retirement.

The eight-time Olympic champion still holds world records in 100 metres, 200m and 4X100m and may have now set his sights on middle distance racing as he completed a 5km race in his native Jamaica.

Bolt shared a snap of himself crossing the finish line at the Heroes in Action 5km race in Kingston and asked his followers to guess how quickly he managed to complete the course.

Although he may be the fastest man to ever walk the planet over short distances, Bolt would have certainly struggled to convert his sprinting prowess to an event that is 25 times longer than his favoured 200m distance.

While 100m and 200m racing is all about brute power and fast-twitch muscle fibres, the 5km would have called upon a respiratory element that Bolt’s incredible training regime would have neglected over the years.

Indeed, Bolt regularly turned down the opportunity to compete over 400m because he believed the event placed too much strain on his muscular physique, so you can only imagine how his body reacted to the prospect of running 5km.

Still, most followers believe Bolt would have accomplished a finishing time of under 20 minutes, something only the more accomplished of recreational runners can boast about.

Considering the day was for charity and Bolt doesn’t look too tired in the picture, it would not be a surprise to learn that he decided on a leisurely jog rather than straining himself.

After all, it’s not as if he has much to prove.

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Source: Daily Mail