WATCH: Juanita Bynum Stirs Controversy By Using Curse Words In Facebook Live Video Warning Christians Against Using Profanity

Below are a few of the hundreds of responses from concerned Christians in response to Juanita Bynum’s Facebook Live post:

From Sherry Williams: “I understand what Juanita is saying however when she actually used the curse words in this message the message lost its value. No where in the bible will you find that Jesus used profanity to get his point across. I mean she just contradicts herself. Sorry Juanita but I’m not a believer who is like the wind where I can be tossed around. I’m grounded in Christ and I’m seeing something on you that I will be lifting you in prayer for… May God bless. 1 Timothy 4:1 (NIV) The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

From Sabrina Gohl: “So seriously cursing and blessings can’t come out of the same mouth but she just said it’s okay to say a bad cuss word as long as you don’t put God’s name in it. It’s okay that’s ridiculous and it’s a double standard oh Lord help us. She had my ear until she gave permission to cuss wow that’s exactly why the church is in trouble today.”

From Jasmine Delighted Collins: “And ppl wonder why I don’t care for Juanita Bynum. Idc what nobody on this video says, she not about to slide with this cursing stuff she cursed before when she was calling ppl h*es. No matter how valid or good the point you lose the whole argument when you let flesh take over period. Ik plenty of preachers that have touched on this subject and never used the actual word. Profanity is a no no Idc who you are. It’s the little foxes that destroy the vine smh.”

From Cynthia Sutton: “I understood what she was saying but the fact she cursed. Did that mean the demon got hold of her for a minute. Christians got to do better.”

From Cassandra Nickey Donohoo: “It’s 2017 and something’s have to be taught in a different way to reach people of today’s times!! That’s the problem us as Christians have, we are to religious instead of spiritual!! God knows our hearts and he knows Dr. Bynum was not cursing intentional!! One thing I can say at least she got down in a sinners level to teach the word!! Oh yea and don’t forget she’s human, which we are not perfect but we are forgiven!!

From Ericka Robinson-Lockett: “We need somebody who will be real in this season. I mean call a duck a duck, stop sugar coating that thing. I need deliverance, so many people counseling demons and they need to be cast out. But how you can cast out a demon if you to religious to call it by ‘NAME’ I DON’T SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT SHE SAID call it what is is.”