Tyler Perry, a Mature Christian Man and Father of a Boy, Should Kill the Beloved Madea After “Boo 2”. Developing…

In light of the fact that Tyler Perry is respected as a Christian man, in light of the fact that he has a son, Aman, and in light of the present, tragic, confused, homosexual, transgender climate in our country, Tyler Perry should strongly and prayerfully consider killing Madea or letting one of his talented female actors take over the role or a similar role in his movies.

At this time, the last thing we need inside the church or outside the church is an obviously heterosexual man dressing up as a woman. Even though, as far as movies go, it has been done well in the past. And, more importantly, for Tyler Perry’s son, Aman, to see his father dressed up like a woman may cause confusion in his mind as it is probably causing confusion in the minds of children everywhere.

To be honest, most of us, black and white, love Madea. Maybe we should have never loved her at all. But it is time for Madea to die.

In fact, Tyler Perry could make millions of dollars off of a movie titled Madea’s Funeral and have all of the people who have been in the Madea films before to come to the funeral in character.

Nobody’s mad at you, Tyler Perry, but it’s time for Madea to die. And, don’t worry, she will be resurrected many times on Netflix.

–BCNN1 Editors