Natalie Grant Asks God for Faith Like 6-Y-O Daughter, Sadie, While Facing Thyroid Surgery

Gospel singer Natalie Grant is praying to have faith like her fearless 6-year-old daughter, Sadie, as she gears up to undergo thyroid surgery on Tuesday because doctors found two tumors that have become a cancer risk.

Grant took to Facebook last month to announce that she’ll be having the operation on Oct. 10. She explained that she’ll be canceling her shows and special appearances from mid-October through the end of November to focus on her recovery.

The award-winning singer shared a sweet video of her and her youngest daughter, Sadie, on stage during sound check for a concert.

“I was singing Miracles by Jesus Culture, and having a moment with my Sadie,” Grant wrote. “Hard to believe that just 3 weeks after this, I’d be praying for a miracle in my body and protection over my vocal chords. I had no idea then that I’d be singing this song to my heart and mind now, with such urgency. Oh Lord, give me faith like my 6-year-old. I believe in You. You’re the God of miracles.”

While heading into surgery on Tuesday morning, the “Clean” singer posted a quick Facebook live video thanking her fans for being supportive. Although admitting she was nervous, Grant said that she told her three daughters she was not fearful because God “has already made a way.”

The songstress revealed that she first found out she had tumors on her thyroid, but up until recently the doctors told her it was nothing to be concerned about.

“I’m going in for surgery on October 10th to remove the right side of my thyroid. Now anytime you hear the word cancer, it is terrifying,” Grant said when she first announced that she would be heading into surgery.


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SOURCE: Christian Post, by Jeannie Law