Support for Duterte Drops Dramatically After Minors Die in Philippine Drug War

Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity fell last month by the most since he became Philippine president in June 2016 after minors were killed in his deadly drug war and allegations surfaced of hidden wealth.

Duterte’s net satisfaction rating fell 18 percentage points to 48 percent, according to a Social Weather Stations survey of 1,500 adults from Sept. 23 to 27. His trust rating also dropped 15 percentage points to 60 percent, according to the poll posted on its website on Sunday. The biggest declines came among the very poor and those living in urban areas.

Duterte’s spokesman, Ernesto Abella, wasn’t able to respond to a request for comment.

The death of a 17-year-old student in August stirred public anger after CCTV footage showed what appeared to be images of police dragging the student minutes before he was shot and killed. Duterte has vowed justice for the student, reminding the police to follow rules of engagement and not to kill unlawfully.

Human-rights groups have routinely accused Duterte’s administration of condoning extra-judicial killings in its quest to crack down on illegal drugs. The government says about 3,800 people have died at the hands of police in the drugs war, while Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International say the number is more than 7,000.

Duterte’s son has denied involvement in drug smuggling as part of a Senate probe. Duterte is also under investigation by the Ombudsman over allegations that he has hidden wealth — accusations he has dismissed.

SOURCE: Andreo Calonzo