9 Black Women Share Their Divorce Experiences in ‘How Divorce Became My Deliverance’

Memoir Maven Publishing Company announced the release of its first anthology, “How Divorce Became My Deliverance.”

The collection of stories was compiled to provide hope and inspiration to divorced and separated women.

The anthology includes a foreword contributed by Andrea M. Stuckey, transformational coach and founder of Live Life Luvd, whose mission is to help women overcome the pain and transition of divorce.

“Divorce has such a negative impact on the family that many women, whether religious or not, fall victim to the stigma for years. This book gives them permission to release the shame and build a better life,” Ms. Stuckey stated.

Compiled by the publisher, the women were all strangers, yet their stories held a common thread. of strength, endurance and hope.

Here is an introduction to the nine authors who have provided an introspective look into their lives:

  1. C. Michelle Atkins, a domestic violence prevention advocate residing in Atlanta, GA, explains how being unequally yoked, i.e. incompatible, contributed to the demise of both of her marriages.
  2. Dannielle Brown, a native of Washington, DC, spent years doing everything she could to be loved by her husband. But the constant emotional and physical abuse led her to self harm and a brief hospital stay.
  3. Amanda Garcia was abandoned by her husband, the only man she ever knew, on December 23, 2016. She’s learned to navigate California life with their five children and without his financial support.
  4. Nisha, an urban fiction author and native of California, is a former exotic dancer and escort who married, not for love, but for the love of money.

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Source: EUR Web