Mayor of Barcelona Calls for European Mediation

The mayor of Barcelona is calling for European institutions to consider setting up a task force of experts to mediate in the political deadlock between the Spanish and Catalan governments.

Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau met Thursday with consular representatives of European countries and shared with them the need for a “multilevel task force under a European umbrella” for both sides to sit for talks with the help of academics, jurists and regional lawmakers of all parties.

Officials in the European Union have called for dialogue, but have supported Spain’s conservative government in blaming the political crisis on Catalonia’s regional government.

The ruling Catalan coalition and other separatist politicians have declared valid the results of a referendum on Oct. 1 that was held amid police violence and against a Constitutional Court suspension.

EU officials have also said that Catalan government’s bid for independence is an internal Spanish affair.

Source: Associated Press