Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Says he Was Spiritually Attacked the Day his Latest Book, “The Paradigm,” Was Released

by Steve Strang

If you read the October issue of Charisma, you know the cover story is about The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn. I was among the first to read the manuscript, and I believe it is as important as or more important than even The Harbinger. Rabbi Cahn sees patterns in the Old Testament that are played out in current events. It really is something for you to think about.

The book released a little more than a week ago, and already it is No. 5 on The Wall Street Journal nonfiction list and No. 7 on its e-book list. It is No. 5 on The New York Times hardcover nonfiction best-seller list. Also, it’s No. 12 on the USA Today best-seller list and No. 10 on the Amazon Best Sellers list.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a newsletter about Hurricane Irma and our company’s experience with it. I mentioned that, every time we release one of Rabbi Cahn’s books, something traumatic happens the day of release. This time, I assumed that instead of Rabbi Cahn being hit, we bore the brunt of the attack. I was surprised when on Tuesday, Sept. 19—the day The Paradigm released—he was rushed to the hospital with a ruptured appendix. We are grateful he will be OK, but that was quite a traumatic thing to happen and is an indication of the level of spiritual warfare taking place.

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SOURCE: Charisma News